First Day of NaNoWriMo


tunnel, light at the end of the tunnel
The beginning

I drank no more than half a bottle of wine last night, which meant I awoke uncharacteristically early – before my alarm. Although today does appear to be a Saturday, I had set it for 8am in order to go and meet my personal trainer at the gym (who is this scarily motivated person who has taken over my body?)

The personal training was 1 of 3 free sessions offered to me when I joined – so, we talked about my food intake, setting goals and aiming high. He was very convincing about the wisdom of setting exciting goals rather than ones you know you can achieve. I completed my short workout and headed home ready for action. Now it was NaNoWriMo time!

I tidied the house a little.

I picked my daughter up from a sleepover.

It was time for lunch. We ate.

I turned the computer on. I looked at the Novel I uploaded and started to change the synopsis. I opened the eating plan I had been sent, thought about making some of the recipes and started to compile a shopping list. I flicked back to NaNoWriMo and tried to upload an author photo.

It was time to begin The Novel, but I was absolutely terrified. My idea was clearly rubbish, but I didn’t have time to think of another.

I wondered if it was too early for a glass of wine.

Finally, at 2pm I began to write and I carried on until I had reached 2,141 words (pausing every few hundred to compulsively update my word total until the site crashed).

It was too autobiographical. It was obviously all about me. I started to make a shopping list again.

I went shopping.

I cooked dinner.

I ate with my daughter. She went to her room. I looked at the computer again.

Now, it’s 8pm and definitely time for a glass of wine. I am drinking and writing this and wondering if I should try to write more, or should I plan first? I worry that what I have written is boring. I want to rewrite it already, but at the same time my mind has woken up and is looking ahead, already moving forward into the next part of the story.

I made it into the tunnel! I’m not able to see the end yet, but I can see the light. One foot after the other, one word following the next, I’m plodding on towards it…